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Core Technology Overview

The down and dirty details behind the Coolfire technology stack.

Key Core Technologies

Amazon Web Services

  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • EKS (Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes)
  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • S3 (storage)
  • EBS (Elastic Block Store)
  • ELB (Elastic Load Balancing)
  • SES (Simple Email Service)
  • Route53 (Cloud DNS)
  • CloudWatch (monitoring)
  • Rekognition (Image and Video Analysis)
  • Cognito (Federated Authentication)

Kubernetes (Container Orchestration)

  • Kubernetes Ingress Controller (nginx)
  • Helm (Package Manager)
  • Terraform (infrastructure management & deployment)
  • Consul (configuration management)
  • Vault (kms)
  • Nginx (web server)
  • Docker
  • TLS 1.2
  • RSA 2048 bit keys
  • Mongo Atlas Db
  • GeoJSON Geospatial Data
  • Node.js 8.11+
  • ASP.NET CORE 2.2+
  • Identity & Identity Server
  • Multi-factor authentication (TOTP)
  • Redis 4.0+ (caching)
  • 2.0+ (realtime communications)
  • GraphQL API
  • Datadog (monitoring & analytics)

Core Platform / Hosting

AWS Cloud (CFS Hosted Kubernetes EKS Cluster)

  • AWS Elastic load balancing & scaling
  • Automated Deployments
  • Self healing/scaling Kubernetes cluster
  • When cpu/memory thresholds are reached, new nodes are added to the cluster automatically
  • Then new service container instances are spun up to utilize the new nodes and handle increasing traffic
  • Dedicated minimum container counts to each customer instance on the cluster

Data Security

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2)
  • All data sent to/from Coolfire Services is encrypted in transport via TLS 1.2 (RSA 2048 bit) encryption
  • State-of-the-art Authentication protocols
  • OAuth2 Support
  • Multi-factor authentication (otp, totp, etc)
  • Data Encryption at REST
  • Mongo Atlas Encrypted Database Storage
  • EC2 EBS Volume Storage Encryption (where applicable)
  • Continuous Database Backups (Mongo Atlas)

Core Components & Services


  • Standardized JSON entities Interface
  • Create (POST)
  • Read (GET)
  • Update (PUT/PATCH)
  • Delete (DELETE)
  • Postman API Documentation
  • Basic query-string filtering, sorting, and pagination of data entities
  • Geospatial querying of data entities
  • bbox ($geoWithin)
  • near ($near)
  • IoT API


  • All Coolfire Objects accessible via GraphQL endpoint with strongly typed schema
  • Client driven query shaping
  • Unified query filtering syntax with

Realtime API

  • WebSocket based realtime messaging via
  • DDP style Coolfire Unified Messaging Protocol for realtime data entity synchronization
  • "rooms" implementation for subscribing to limited/targeted realtime events as needed

GraphQL realtime Subscriptions

  • Realtime bridge with REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Create, Update, or Delete operations result in an equivalent realtime message
  • Push Notifications

GeoSpatial Services

  • Latitude/Longitude GeoSpatial indexing
  • GeoJSON location data indexing
  • GeoFences
  • Realtime triggering of ingress/egress of devices into user defined geoFences
  • Drawable geolocated shapes, text, etc.


  • Authentication Services
  • Identity
  • OAuth
  • Two Factor (TOTP)
  • Facial Recognition
  • Main Coolfire Objects API
  • Sessions
  • Networks
  • Things
  • etc.

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Core Technology Overview

The down and dirty details behind the Coolfire technology stack.

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