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Core App Tutorial

Welcome to Coolfire Core, a real-time collaboration platform for application development.

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Why use Core? Many apps today need to track and display information about people and things in real-time. One good example is a Pizza place that offers delivery. Being able to track the creation and delivery of the pizza and show it on a web page or a custom mobile app is common today. But the code and the infrastructure to make all that happen is not trivial if you build your own. Coolfire Core handles the backend, makes it truly scalable and provides the tools you need to implement apps that leverage it.

This tutorial is designed to show you the ropes on how you can build an app powered by Coolfire Core.

To get started you need a Coolfire Core Workspace. The workspace will serve as a playground for this tutorial. If you do not have a developer workspace please contact [email protected] to sign up for one.

You can find the full source code for each part of this tutorial at

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Core App Tutorial

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